Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Experimenting in the Kitchen

weight watchers became so much easier for me once i became more flexible cooking.  i used to be very rigid.  i followed recipes exactly as written or kept my meals real simple without a recipe so when i first started weight watchers, my meals were often quite boring.  now i am more comfortable using a recipe as a guide & modifying ingredients to my liking.  i also am able to reduce points by substituting ingredients or leaving ingredients out, which i never would have considered previously.  one hurdle i am still working on is measurements.  since i like to know exact measurements, while i am preparing a meal, i use serving sizes as a guide.  typically that does the trick but its not that easy with spices.  i find it difficult to figure out how much of a spice to use & which ones i like to use together.  im not backing down from the challenge though & honestly, i never thought i would use spices the way to do today.  ive come a long way and i continue to grow.  i now have more meal choices, take more risks in the kitchen, and use spices much more than i ever did before.  im very appreciative that i had someone to help me with this transformation but for those who dont, just take the risk & start playing!  trust me......it pays off!  :)

monday, march 14, 2011

Honey Sunshine (1 large banana, 1/2 cup trader joe's organic vanilla soy milk, 1/2 cup kashi honey sunshine cereal)
Coffee (1/4 cup fat free half & half, 2 tsp organic turbinado raw cane sugar, 6 cups black coffee)
Subtotal 5
1/2 serving(s) Trader Joe's Organic Nonfat Yogurt French Vanilla
1  medium orange(s) (in yogurt)
1  medium nectarine(s)
1  small pear(s)
1  serving(s) Trader Joe's Organic Light String Cheese
1  medium baby carrots
Subtotal 3
1  serving(s) Trader Joe's Organic Low Sodium Butternut Squash Soup
1  serving(s) Trader Joe's Crinkle Wedge Potatoes
1/2 Tbsp Light Mayonnaise (dip for fries)
1  serving(s) Trader Joe's Organic Ketchup (dip for fries)
Buffalo Chicken Wrap (see recipe below)
Subtotal 11
1  bag(s) Healthy Pop® 100 cal butter mini bag
1  serving(s) Breyers Fat Free Creamy Vanilla
2  Tbsp Whipped Topping Free Whipped Topping
1  Chocolate Marshmallow Madness
Subtotal 8
Food PointsPlus values total used 27

buffalo chicken wrap recipe
4 oz Trader Joe's Organic Free Range Chicken (cut into about 1 inch cubes)
2 tsp Frank's Red Hot
2 tsp Trader Joe's Grated Cheese (Romano & Parmesan)
1 tbsp Wish-Bone Fat Free Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing
1 La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Large Whole Wheat

  • spray a frying pan with trader joe's italian olive oil spray (frying pan has been on medium-low heat for a few minutes) & cook chicken completely
  • lower heat
  • add franks & grated cheese to pan and cook for another minute or two
  • combine buffalo chicken & blue cheese on top of open wrap
  • roll it up!
 i have modified this meal so many times until i perfected it the way i like it.  this is one of my favorites now!  the ketchup/mayo mix looks strange because i mixed it up with a spoon! :)

can you imagine this much food for so little points?!?! :)

hope you are all enjoying the warmer weather & having a guilt free day!!

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