Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another 1.8 lbs Gone!

today started out great!  got on the scale and was down another 1.8 pounds!  i felt more slender & felt good in my clothes!  my pain was also not as bad as last night so i was quietly hopeful that my back was just inflamed & the the steroid was helping.  then, i went to day one of a two day math seminar and really got excited by the material being presented.  i cant wait to implement some of the strategies talked about and im really looking forward to learning more tomorrow!  i love learning!!  i feel honored and grateful that i could be a part of helping our math department make some fantastic changes that will ultimately benefit our students.  i also enjoyed the company.  the two women i was with the majority of the day are so unbelievably inspiring.  i just felt inspired and motivated all day!!  there is a however coming pain did increase as the day progressed and i am now hurting pretty badly.  i also havent heard from my surgeon.  when i called this morning around 9:30, i was told he is surgery again today & then around 1:15, i left a message with the PA.  i know tomorrow i need to be stronger when i call but, regardless what i say, its hard for me to get tough in this type of situation.  i dont want to be uncomfortable when i see them again, which i know i will.  im just really scared and cant shake the feeling that i am going to need another surgery.  i need to talk to someone tomorrow no matter what so i have to be strong & be ready to call all day until i get answers.  even though my day is not ending as wonderfully as i would have liked, i am remaining focused on the extreme positives of the day and at this moment, this blog is definitely one of them!  thank you to everyone who is reading and who is sending positive vibes my way!  i appreciate it more than words could ever express!!

i am not posting my meals from the past two days because even though i didnt go over my daily points, i didnt eat anything worth sharing.  today, on the other hand, was a great eating day so i will post todays meals tomorrow! :)

hope you are all having a wonderful, guilt free, inspired day!! :)

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