My Kitchen Much-Haves

I try to buy everything at Trader Joe's and prefer organic, cage free, free range, hormone free, fair trade, etc. foods & drinks.  i specified brand when points will vary by brand, when i was not sure if brand effects points, or when i am not sure if there is not another brand that offers the product.  i also wasnt sure how to categorize certain foods so if you think i should categorize something differently, please let me know! :)

red onions
yellow onions
romaine lettuce
broccoli cole slaw
grape tomatoes
spaghetti squash
baby carrots
asparagus spears
trader joe's creamy corn and roasted pepper soup
sweet potatoes
betty crocker 80 calories instant mashed potatoes (roasted garlic, cheddar & sour cream, and creamy butter)
canned 100% pure pumpkin
canned tomato puree, crushed tomato, and tomato sauce (i prefer tuttorosso or trader joe's organic)
frozen broccoli
frozen chopped spinach
frozen peas
frozen edamame
frozen brussel sprouts
Green Giant Healthy Weight
wholly guacamole 100 calorie packets
trader joe's frozen roasted potatoes w/roasted peppers & onions
frozen sugar snap peas
green giant just for one (peas & corn in basil sauce and broccoli in cheese sauce)
trader joe's crinkle wedge potatoes
trader joe's organic vodka sauce

apples or pears
blueberries or strawberries
unsweetened apple sauce (for baking)
trader joe's organic reduced sugar blueberry preserves
100% juice tropical fruit salad canned (for angel food cake recipe)

extra large brown eggs
fat free egg substitute 

smart balance heartright light buttery spread
trader joe's organic vanilla soy milk
skim plus
fat free half & half
fat free vanilla yogurt
light string cheese
fat free feta cheese
grated cheese
trader joe's sliced light provolone or cheddar
reduced fat shredded mexican cheese
reduced fat shredded mozarella cheese
laughing cow light cheese wedges (garlic & herb and creamy swiss)
fat free ricotta cheese
trader joe's alfredo sauce

sugar free maple syrup
frank's red hot
trader joe's enchilada sauce
margie's mango teriyaki dressing
trader joe's soyaki sauce
low sodium soy sauce
kraft fat free thousand island dressing
maple grove farms of vermont fat free balsamic vinaigrette
trader joe's low fat parmesan ranch dressing
trader joe's cranberry, walnut, & gorgonzola dressing
olde cape cod fat free toasted sesame soy & ginger dressing
wish-bone fat free blue cheese dressing
hellmann's light mayo
a.1. steak sauce
better n' peanut butter

mccormick perfect pinch garlic & herb salt free
italian seasoning
sea salt
taco seasoning
old bay
**i have many spices but these are the ones i use the most often**

96/4 ground beef
chicken breast
lean ground turkey
boneless center cut pork chops
trader joe's premimum black angus beef tri-tip steak (looks like ny strip) or steak tips
frozen cooked shrimp
trader joe's langostino tails
frozen white fillet (i.e. alaskan cod, pangasius - farm raised, tilapia)
bumble bee chunk light tuna in water (3 oz can)
trader joes center cut seasoned uncured bacon

kashi honey sunshine or kashi 7 whole grain puffs
cascadian farms organic honey o's cereal
cream of wheat instant healthy grain maple brown sugar

heartsmart bisquick
chocolate cake mix
angel food cake mix
jell-o sugar free 10 calorie mix (assorted flavors)
marshmallow fluff
granulated sugar
turbinado sugar

olive oil cooking spray
vegetable oil

Breads, Pasta, Etc.
italian style bread crumbs
panko breadcrumbs
brown jasmine rice
pepperidge farm carbstyle 7 grain sliced bread
la tortilla factory low carb whole wheat large torillas
flatout light italian herb

fat free refried beans
cannelli beans
pinto beans
kidney beans

jolly time microwave popcorn (butter & kettle corn)
fat free whipped topping
mini semi-sweet chocolate chips
jell-o sugar free pudding snacks (dulce de leche & boston creme pie) 

Ice Cream (i always have at least 3 in freezer)
breyers fat free creamy vanilla
breyers fat free creamy chocolate cookies & cream
turkey hill mint cookies n cream frozen yogurt
turkey hill pinstripe brownie blast
edy's slow churned thin mint cookie ice cream (limited time) 

filtered water (i put freshly squeezed lemon in my water)
crystal light iced mixes (variety of flavors)
diet soda (i limit the amount i will have in the house)
diet hot cocoa mix (for baking)