Friday, April 15, 2011

Saying Thanks

in the jan/feb 2011 issue of weight watchers magazine, a page really made me stop and think.  "say thanks" in big letters immediately intrigued me.  just recently two teachers noticed that i express appreciation quite often & usually with hand gestures.  its, of course, a bit dramatic & loud so it definitely is funny & makes me laugh when i catch myself doing it now.  however, in all honestly, i am truly grateful when i give thanks & i really appreciate people that are kind, thoughtful, helpful, etc.  i actually frequently worry that people dont realize how truly thankful i feel.  i feel so grateful for so many things and people.  i never want the people who i appreciate to ever think that i dont appreciate them & i feel terrible for people who dont get thanked often enough!  so, i probably compensate for my neuroses by giving thanks very dramatically and frequently to many people! :)  its really comical but its a result of a negative feeling about something so positive.  this is why the page in the ww magazine became so powerful to me.  there was only a paragraph about saying thanks, but it made me change my perspective on showing gratitude completely.  the first sentence read "practicing gratitude is good for your well-being."  awesome! so instead of giving thanks with comical passion because of my insecurities, i will say thanks with comical passion because i am truly thankful and its good for my well-being! :) 

this had nothing to do with eating, but i think that when you feel good emotionally, its easier to eat healthier & feel great about it! :)  ww must agree because it was in their publication! :)  i needed this pick me up too.  i gained 1.1 lbs this week and i really cant explain why.  i tracked everything & was within points completely.  i know it happens and sometimes simply retaining water can effect the scale, but it hit me hard.  as a result, today i fell off the wagon.  but tomorrow is a new day & im getting excited for tomorrows dinner! 

i also owe you quite a few days of meals.  i really slacked this week!  i am super lazy & tired so most of the meals this week were repeats of meals i have made recently.  here are some pics of dinners just to remind you of these yummy recipes! :)

fish casserole, betty crocker roasted garlic mashed potatoes, & salad

broiled pork chops marinated in trader joe's soyaki & margies mango teriyaki , trader joes crinkle fries, & salad

chicken quesadilla & a salad

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